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Welcome to AboutClay

This website is dedicated to educating the public about the myriad benefits of using calcium bentonite clay.  This is not a retail site.  We do not sell clay or any products in any shape or form.  We are here simply to inform.

If you are interested in learning just exactly what clay can do for you - and how it has been helping people for thousands of years - just click the navigational links above and visit the different sections of our website.  We do suggest you join our email discussion group for even more information on using clay.  Our blog is a great place to find articles and special notices, so sign up for the AboutClay Blog RSS feed.  If you want INSTANT notifications of what we're up to, new articles and special notices, then follow us on Twitter or become a fan on Facebook.

Perry A~ (author of Living Clay: Nature's Own Miracle Cure) is hosting a series of FREE teleseminars about how and why you should be using Calcium Bentonite Clay.  These are NOT sales pitches, just great info from the leading expert in the field.  For more information on the teleseminars, go here:

Perry A~ on Facebook
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Perry A~'s World (Blog)
Perry A~'s book, Living Clay: Nature's Own Miracle Cure




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This website is intended as an informational guide.  The information herein is meant to supplement and not to be a substitute for professional
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