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Article: Pre & Post-Chemotherapy Care, & Detox with Clay - by Perry A~

Clay therapy, both internal and external, before treatments and during the crucial rest time between chemotherapy treatments is important.  This detox strategy will assist the patient to recover and stabilize in time for the next treatment.  After the chemotherapy treatments are finished, the critical convalescing period begins.

It should be noted that Calcium Bentonite Clay might allow some patients to complete the series of chemotherapy treatment who would otherwise withdraw before completion. This is where Calcium Bentonite Clay goes head-on against the dangerous accumulation of toxic waste and all the debilitating side effects.

Examples of this detox/healing process will start with topical oral hygiene: gums, mouth sores, tongue, lips, throat, etc.  External will be the obvious skin problems: infection, fungus, yeast infection, etc.

1)  Full Body Wraps Ė Use daily with slightly warmed clay.  Put some hydrated clay in a zip lock bag and put the bag in a sink of warm water for a few minutes.  Apply head to toe and allow to dry in a warm room.  Even a partial treatment, such as face or neck, an upper or lower body, or only legs and feet, would be of value to the stressed patient.  However, a full-body treatment is an exceptional and favored tactic to dramatically reduce the flood of toxic poisoning that is overwhelming and literally choking the patientís system. Wrap in a warm sheet if necessary while drying.

2)  Detox Clay Bath Ė Use twice a week.  Sprinkle two cups clay powder and swish around as the bath water is filling.  Soak for no more than 30 minutes.  Drink water before and after the bath. You may use this method alone, or use after a full body wrap. 

3)  Clay Drink Ė Drink Liquid Clay, 3 ounces, three times a day.  Mix one part clay to 8 parts water. The recommended ounces can be added to juice or a smoothie.  Make sure to drink plenty of water during the day as well.  Drinking Calcium Bentonite Clay is great for settling and balancing a nauseous stomach, acid reflux, and stopping diarrhea.

4)  Calcium Bentonite Clay Suppositories Ė Use as needed.  Clay suppositories aid in hemorrhoid, vaginal and anal fistula treatments, along with feminine hygiene needs.  Take some hydrated clay and mix a little clay powder in it for a workable and firm consistency.  Form into bullet-shaped suppositories and allow to dry slightly until firm enough to insert as a suppository.  Re-wet suppositories to lubricate for insertion.

The cancer chemotherapy patient is in dire need of detoxification and wound healing Ė which are provided by the soothing properties of Calcium Bentonite Clay.  A patientís whole system has been in a physical, emotional, and chemical wreck; the patient is totally exhausted and full of poison.

Antibiotics are of little value. The patientís immune system is desperately depressed and in overload. It just canít deal with the bacterial and toxic assaults.

The body needs help to absorb and adsorb the mass of toxins and poisonous waste that any personís system isnít designed to handle.  The ailing body needs assistance in searching out, capturing, and removing the destructive bacteria, which are growing by about one billion every hour.

It seems that clay has, among other properties, that of either stimulating a deficiency or absorbing an excess in the radioactivity of the body on which it is applied.  On an organism that has suffered and still retains the radiations of radium or any other intensive radioactive source, the radioactivity is first enhanced and then absorbed.  A clay could, in this way, ensure the protection of organisms over-exposed to atomic radiations.  This radioactive effect has been researched: today when everyone is forcibly submitted to many artificially provoked radioactive aggressions, such as dust in the atmosphere from bomb testing, everything increasing this danger should be avoided.   Experiments made with the Geiger counter have demonstrated that dry Clay absorbs a very important part of this surrounding radioactivity. [1]

Clay can absorb/adsorb infection in tissue, and acts as natureís referee so your body can heal itself. 

Remember, all clays are not alike. A good , pure Calcium Bentonite Clay canít be used incorrectly.  Drink it, put it on your body, and bathe in it.

If taking life-sustaining medicines, check with your pharmacist to see if there is a conflict of medications. Allow 4-6 hours after taking medicine to take clay internally to make sure you have absorbed your medicine and that clay will not interfere with it.

1] This paragraph is taken verbatim from Earth Cures A handbook of Natural Medicine for Today Raymond Dextreit Translated and Edited by Michel Abehsera, A Citadel Press Book Published by Carol Publishing Group Edition 1997, Page 13

The information for this article was compiled from research by Perry A~. She is the author of Living Clay: Natureís Own Miracle Cure  (www.LivingClayBook.com) and has been an ongoing student in the study of Bentonite Clays since the early 1990s.  It was then that she first tried a green healing Calcium Bentonite Clay that captured her fascination as to the amazing healing potential of dirt. She has been an advocate for this clay ever since. She is available for radio interviews, presentations on Living Clay, and answering questions on clays at 1-866-262-5611 or perrya@austin.rr.com.



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