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Insect Bite Turns to MRSA Infection Testimonial
I had a mosquito bite on the back of my right leg that I scratched and got infected with what the doctor claimed as a granular staph infection. Since it was granular the 2 bouts of antibiotics had no effect on the wound. It was still necropsying so I knew I needed to find something that would pull the infection out of the wound topically. The infection was now what I believe to be MRSA. I searched the internet and eventually came upon your website among others that described the healing powers of the living clays. I ordered the bentonite clay and started applying a wet paste of the clay on the wound the first week of December in 2011. There was a noticeable change of the wound within 2 days. It was not as red and “angry” as it had been prior to the clay. I would mix the clay with distilled water and apply it directly over the wound and cover it with part of a collard green leaf (I found it worked better than cellophane wrap) and wrapped the area of my leg with an ace bandage. I would change the dressing 3 times a day for the first two weeks and then reduced it back to 2 times a day after that. By mid-January (approx. 7 weeks) the “infection” was cleared. The wound is still healing from the whole that it left in my leg, but at least the necropsying has stopped and the underlying tissue is healing. In all, it has taken about 3 months to get to this point. The clay was very soothing to the area of the wound. The pain associated with the infection was pretty bad and within 3 weeks the soreness had subsided. I know that it sounds like a long time but with the depth of the wound and the infection involved, it certainly was faster and less evasive than the alternative of various antibiotics and possible skin grafting that I was told was to be expected.

Both of my children who are in the medical field, one is a doctor of osteopathy and the other a nurse, along with the dermatologist I originally saw for the infection, wanted me to continue with the antibiotics. This would have involved months of this medication that obviously was not affecting the site at all but was upsetting everything else in my system. I knew that for me this was not an option. I know there are more organic ways of healing our organic bodies so that is why I went on the search.

I am glad to say that I won out on all levels! The wound is healing and I did not have to sacrifice my bank account and relative health to achieve this outcome. If you’re an outdoors person like me, this is a product that is a must for your “medicine cabinet”!

The pictures I included are of what the wound looked like when I started using the clay (#1) along with what the clay actually was pulling out (#2) and what the site looks like as of a week ago (#3).

Thank you Perry for spreading the word on such a wonderful, natural product! - Connie M.

Picture #1

Picture #1

Picture #1



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